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REVIEW “LA STELLA NERA DI MU” edited by Mariano Grossi

  Who is acquainted with Mary Blindflowers as an essayist and a poetess, who dealt with her distinct aptitudes as a detailed researcher and texts’ collater sounding autonomous reworkings of authors’ and historical-literary phenomenologies’ explanatory theses or her language and conceptual experimentations in lyrical creation, maybe will be wondering at discovering a further faceting...


‘Cardinal’s Sin’ is out 6th October and available worldwide. The debut novel of Nick Gonzalez falls into the crime genre although it is by no means a typical crime novel. It is a story of failure, cowardice, humour, violence and deceit mixed with a healthy dose of chaos. Nick Gonzalez grew up in Merseyside,...


The next 28th October ‘Sangue di rosa scarlatta’, the Italian edition of ‘Blood of scarlet rose’, will be presented during the event ‘Letteratura In Musica’ at the Libreria Alibù, Umbertide (Perugia), in Italy. The writer Vittorio Graziosi will introduce his ‘Sangue di rosa scarlatta’ accompanied by the music interpreted by M° Giovanni Brecciaroli. The...

An Introduction Story

Once upon a time there was a writer who had a dream in mind, writing a novel. He was imagining adventures, exciting places and he didn’t know where to start. One day he met a lady, an author who wanted to write about real life, real experiences. They encountered in a coffee shop (it seems to be a “common place” for writers), near the beach, in a cloudy day. They talked about their favourite novelists, their ideas, their dreams but they were both uncertain what to do next. Sitting on the beach there was a young man, a poet, who was living for poetry. Poets can look at the life from a different perspective, they are able to see the details of things that usually are unseen. Suddenly, it started to rain but he was so concentrated on taking notes for his future poems that he didn’t realise he was getting wet like a chick. [...]



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As a new author I have found Black Wolf Edition & Publishing company very supportive and helpful. They are very approachable and welcoming, yet very professional. I really value their belief in me and my writing. I cannot thank them enough and highly recommend them to any author.
Hazel Stevens

Hazel Stevens

"La Black Wolf Edition & Publishing Ltd. è una casa editrice scozzese. Il nostro editore Wolf ha attentamente valutato i titoli da noi proposti, seguendoci dall'editing e per tutto l'iter tecnico di lavoro sapendo scegliere il meglio per i nostri titoli; ci ha sempre consigliati con molta professionalità. La casa editrice sta sviluppando un importante e unico progetto culturale nel campo dell’arte del quale siamo promotori. Noi come autori siamo soddisfatti del lavoro, della serietà e dell'onestà dalla casa editrice e la consigliamo vivamente ad autori emergenti e non. La Black Wolf Edition & Publishing Ltd. è una casa editrice, a nostro avviso, che possiede tutte le credenziali per accreditarsi un giorno un posto tra le migliori."
Alfonso e Nicola Vaccari

Alfonso e Nicola Vaccari







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