An Introduction Story

Once upon a time there was a writer who had a dream in mind, writing a novel. He was imagining adventures, exciting places and he didn’t know where to start. One day he met a lady, an author who wanted to write about real life, real experiences. They encountered in a coffee shop (it seems to be a “common place” for writers), near the beach, in a cloudy day. They talked about their favourite novelists, their ideas, their dreams but they were both uncertain what to do next. Sitting on the beach there was a young man, a poet, who was living for poetry. Poets can look at the life from a different perspective, they are able to see the details of things that usually are unseen. Suddenly, it started to rain but he was so concentrated on taking notes for his future poems that he didn’t realise he was getting wet like a chick. The two writers saw him and tried to call him and invite him to go inside the coffee shop. They enjoyed each other company and spent the rest of the day talking about their projects. Everyone has the same question in mind, “Who is going to be interested in my book?”, “Who is going to publish it?”. Here is the answer from the narrator of this short story: Black Wolf Edition & Publishing Ltd. This is the place where you can find the answers to realise your project. Whoever you are – a first book writer or an estimated author already, a poet, an illustrator, a photographer or a graduate student who has his research in his hands and he would like the rest of the world knows about it – you can submit your work that will be examined by the Chief Editor.


Black Wolf Edition and Publishing is a Scottish independent international publishing company based in UK. Our publications include book editions, music editions, collections, limited editions, recording label, encyclopaedia, art monographs.

At Black Wolf Edition & Publishing we think “out of the box”. We like to realise creative and uncommon projects without following sketchiness set up by others.
We have noticed that nowadays writers are kept in a sort of pre-built system that they are required to follow in order to be published. Words count, chapter of the same length, not too long novels…to name a few. We don’t like to limit the imagination and talent.