The next 28th October ‘Sangue di rosa scarlatta’, the Italian edition of ‘Blood of scarlet rose’, will be presented during the event ‘Letteratura In Musica’ at the Libreria Alibù, Umbertide (Perugia), in Italy.
The writer Vittorio Graziosi will introduce his ‘Sangue di rosa scarlatta’ accompanied by the music interpreted by M° Giovanni Brecciaroli.
The guest speaker during the book presentation will be Giovanni Perla, President of the charity “Per la vita di Castelluccio di Norcia”.

A toast will terminate the event.

The event is organised by Francesca Raffaelli and Libreria Alibù.

Both editions of the novel (in Italian and English language) are published by Black Wolf Edition & Publishing Ltd. and are available worldwide.
As far as can it go a father who has lost his son in a terrorist act? What revenge may he meditate to acknowledge a private justice that will kill even the memory and the piety? ‘Blood of scarlet rose’ is the journey of loss and redemption. Only if we don’t repress our feelings, we are able to not lose ourselves.
If pain and loss can degrade the human spirit to wither, then digging into the roots of love means to reborn to a new life, enrich with a bright awareness and retrieve a world of piety and affection that was feared lost. ‘Blood of scarlet rose’ is the journey of a tormented consciousness, and invites us to take note of what deeper stirs in each one of us.

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